About Me

About Me

I’m Jenn.

I like to overshare so I started a blog.  It’s not much different from any other dumb blog that no one reads except that it’s mine.

I’ve had an exciting life so far and I hope that sharing some of the exciting future bits will ensure that the rest is also exciting.  Here’s a brief synopsis of that which is particularly mine.

I was born to Air Force parents in Great Britain.  While I was still too young to remember, we moved back to my father’s home state of Alabama.  I grew up in the capital city of Montgomery, AL where I went to the public magnet schools and learned ballet.  I tried a year at a public boarding school in Mobile, but retuned to the Gump to dance.  After high school, I spent two years at a beautiful woman’s college (now coed) in Lynchburg, VA dancing and hiking in the Blue Ridge.  I returned again to Alabama and completed my undergraduate work at Auburn University with a BA in Anthropology.  I spent a summer dancing at the Boston Conservatory and the Christmas after graduation dancing in NYC.

I met Mr. T the autumn before I graduated and we moved to the barrier islands of Virginia the following summer.  I learned how to shore fish and tended bar at a couple rowdy fish joints.  We made lots of friends and I started my graduate education with Old Dominion University.  After three years, we moved to central Florida where we lived on an incredible nature preserve.  A few months later we were transferred to Homestead.  I continued my master’s in special education and worked at Everglades National Park in interpretation, education, and fire and aviation.  Mr. T kept the Miami airport safe for air travel.

From south Florida, we packed up and tried the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We’ve had lots of adventures, and we’re still here four.5 years later.


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