the bloodiest merry

If you’re like me, you weren’t feeling so great on NYE because you spent the night of December 30th at a farm in the middle of a rainforest on a Caribbean island drinking rum and eating hog.  no?  really?  huh.

well, lucky for you that I saved the recipe for today!

Bloody Marys (what’s the plural of that?  Maries?  Marys?  gorsh) are one of those recipes that has as many iterations as drinkers, but I’ve had some practice and I think I can claim best ever.  At least, I like mine better than any bar’s or friend’s recipe.  🙂

The cast of characters:

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Low Sodium V8

  • Low Sodium V8 (NOT clamato that’s disgusting.  and be sure you buy the low-sodium V8.  If you’re going for a bloody mary, you’re probably already dehydrated; you don’t need more salt).
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Bitters (Angostura today, but you could use celery, whiskey, or some other savory concoction)
  • not-too-hot hot sauce (I LOVE Cholula’s Chile Lime)
  • prepared horseradish (or cocktail sauce since I was out of horseradish)
  • celery seed
  • manzanilla olive with pimientos
  • Wickles pickle (sort of funky, spicy-dill-sorta sweet pickle slices from Georgia)
  • slice of lemon
  • slice of lime
  • decent vodka
  • ice cubes (not pictured)

Take a pint glass and fill it with ice cubes.  Pour in a glug of vodka.  Add five big dashes of Worcestershire, two small glugs of Bitters, a couple swigs of hot sauce, a tiny spoonful of horseradish, and a tiny sprinkle of celery seed.  A note on the use of horseradish–this is where the good, intense spiciness comes from so use more if you are into spicy, spicy Bloodies; don’t rely on hot sauce for heat.

Add a few olives and a pickle or two.  Squeeze in the lime slice and lemon slice.  Finally, pour as much V8 to fill the glass as needed.

Pour into a bar shaker (or another glass).  Pour back in your glass.  Pour into bar shaker.  Pour back into your glass.  Repeat once more.

Take two of those, a cold ass beer, fried egg sandwich, and three glasses of water and call me in the morning.  😉

Bloodiest Merry

Garnish with a flourish and a smile.


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